Three top parenting tips

As a parent, do you ever feel stressed, exhausted or inadequate?  Do you ever lose the plot?  Feel guilty?  Secretly worry that you’re getting it all wrong?

Do bears **** in the woods?

My children are 12 and 14.  I’ve pondered parenthood and – probably like you – agonised over what’s right and what’s not.  It’s taken nearly 15 years but I’ve finally sussed it.

Breezing through parenthood, when you know how, is, well… a breeze.  All you have to do is:

1. Keep life simple

2. Don’t waste time worrying

3. Try not to get too fat

“Is that it?” you’re probably shouting.  “And what’s being fat got to do with parenting?  Explain yourself!”

That’s why I’ve created this blog.  To share what I’ve learnt about creating an easier, happier life for myself and my children.

And hopefully to get some advice from you in return.

Coming soon… Ironing:  Don’t let it win


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