Ironing: Don’t let it win

Given half a chance, ironing will take over your life.

As I see it, you have four options:

  1. Let it pile up and get stressed.
  2. Don’t bother with ironing at all.
  3. Use an ironing service.
  4. Iron little and often as you go along.

OK, a fifth option is to get the husband or kids to do it.  Yeah right.

Option 1 was my default for many tearful years.  I knew there had to be a better way.

I flipped and tried option 2.  Someone told me body heat ‘irons’ the clothes anyway.  It doesn’t.

I moved to option 3.  A little man in a van would collect my ironing and do it for me.  But the little man liked to chat (about himself) and by the time I’d stood on my doorstep for half an hour nodding politely, I may as well have done the sodding ironing myself.  And saved a fortune.

You’ve guessed it.  Option 4 works for me.  I know it’s sad but I like ironing, especially when it’s fresh from the line on a gusty day.  Little and often is the key.

What works for you?  If you’re happy with cardboard clothes, chuck the iron in the bin and give yourself a pat on the back.  If you get a kick out of ironing, go for it.  If you have more money than sense, outsource it.

Just don’t let it win.


Coming soon… Guilt and how to get over it


2 thoughts on “Ironing: Don’t let it win

  1. I don’t iron! Life’s too short! The only time I might iron something is if we’re going to a wedding or other special event. But I purposefully buy clothes that don’t need ironing.
    As for the rest of the family, if my husband wants a shirt ironed he is perfectly capable of doing it himself, and the little ones don’t care!

    • I’m full of admiration. Think I might try giving up ironing again. As for husbands ironing own shirts – I suppose mine IS capable of doing it; the only problem is that it takes him a good half hour per shirt which drives me insane…

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