What to do about fussy eaters

Do you own a fussy eater?  Most of us do these days.

Our parents tell us we’ve brought it upon ourselves by offering too much choice.  (“Orange juice or apple juice?”  “Pasta or potatoes?”  “Honey or jam?”)

Maybe they have a point.  Or maybe they’re forgetting that THE POST-WAR YEARS ARE OVER.  Whatever.

The fact is that I’ve brought up both my boys the same way and one is a fussy eater while the other isn’t.

Anyway, what should you do if you have a fussy eater?  Worry?  Buy middle class toddler cookery books that only reinforce your failings?  Despair?  Lose your rag?  I used to do all these things.  Then I realised nothing made a blind bit of difference.

It’s far better – and I wish someone had told me this fourteen years ago – to relax and go with the flow.  They won’t starve themselves to death.  And it doesn’t matter if they eat the same things day after day.

Honestly, they’ll be fine.

“But my little darling isn’t having a balanced diet!” I hear you cry.

In that case, resort to bribery.

When my son was six, I paid him £10 to eat three mouthfuls of broccoli.  His shock at discovering that vegetables don’t kill was assuaged by the purchase of tat from Toys R Us.  And he’s eaten something green most days since.

Best tenner I ever spent.


Coming soon…  How to avoid housework


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