Socks sorted

Mothers everywhere, it seems, are locked in combat with socks.

Heroic attempts at doing the laundry are wrecked, apparently, by these pesky items as they literally disappear off the face of the earth.  Lone socks, I’m told, abandoned by their other halves, clutter up most of the airing cupboards in the country.

Well, I’m sorry but I’m baffled.  How can this be?  I’ve washed thousands, perhaps millions, of socks.  And I’ve never lost one.

Socks the bane of your life?  Want some advice?

Tip 1:  Get a grip, sort your life out and just stop being hopeless.

Tip 2:  Seriously.

Tip 3:  Oh, and buy different-looking socks for each member of the family to make sorting easier.  But you already knew that.

Dare I say it’s a no-brainer?


6 thoughts on “Socks sorted

  1. I have exactly the same problem. Not a CLUE where they go. They start off a pair, go into the washing basket and come out as singles. Is there a sock eating monster or a sock black hole in there or something?!
    I think there must be and it drives me mad! 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I am wandering the web, trying to come up with new ideas when i came across your blog. Actually I am crawling sites for downy coupons. I guess socks and downy are related sort-of.
    Nice blog. Cheers.

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