Why we shouldn’t worry so much

What are you worrying about today?  As a parent, I mean.  At any given time, most of us have one worry or another.

Ten years ago, I was worrying about my five year old’s long-term dummy habit and my failure to get his three year old brother out of nappies.

Today, I COULD be worrying about one’s obsession with his mobile phone and the other’s inability to cut his own fingernails.

But I’m not.

Why?  Because we have neither dummies nor nappies in the house any more and I can’t even remember exactly how or when they became things of the past.

Everything is only a phase.  What may seem like an insurmountable problem today will be a distant – and probably fond – memory before you know it.

My older son will discover that there’s more to life than texting.  And I won’t (I really won’t) be trimming the other’s nails when he’s an adult.

Remember; everything is only a phase.  So why waste time worrying?


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