Coming to terms with party bags

Party bags – do you or don’t you?

I’m not a fan.  One year, I tried ditching them altogether.  I gave each child a Curly Wurly and a balloon as they left the village hall.  The children were bewildered and my son has never been more ashamed of me.  (Actually, he has but that’s another story.)

I’d got it wrong.  You have to do party bags.  Fact.

So what to put in them?

DON’T include:

  • Chocolate cake that will get all over the car on the way home.
  •  Shop-bought cake that will dry out (if not already dry, which it will be) in a kitchen cupboard for ten days before being chucked in the bin.
  •  Anything that:
  •     Makes a noise.
  •     Requires help from an adult.
  •     Causes arguments with siblings.
  •     Is educational.
  •  Fruit.

DO include:

  •  One joke ring that squirts water.
  •  One novelty straw.
  •  One balloon.
  •  If you must, cake, well-wrapped.
  •  Lots of sweets (come on, it’s a party).

Yes, party bags are essential.  No, their aim is not to impress other parents.

Party bags are all about the children.  Remember that and you’ve got it sussed.

P.S.  My days of party bags are, thankfully, over.  Do them up to year 6 and then stop with a clear conscience.


4 thoughts on “Coming to terms with party bags

  1. Good call. Also, don’t leave all of the party bags out there for all of the kids to see right off the bat; they’ll be more excited about leaving the party than enjoying it. 🙂

  2. My rude child always asks for one…usually while I’m having a polite conversation with the host’s mother…clearly I correct her and kick off in the car afterwards out of earshot, trying to dictate the virtues of why we NEVER ask for a party bag….and then we go to another party and the shame is repeated….I hate party bags, but have signed up with Party Pieces who do a fine selection. I will take your advice though and stop at 6, at which point I’m sure there will be another ‘must have’ parting ‘gift’ to remember the day by!!!

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