Coffee mornings? More fun than you think

When you have your first child, a new world awaits – that of parent and baby coffee mornings.

Now, it’s up to you.  You can embrace these coffee mornings.  Or you can leg it in the opposite direction, yelling as you go the old line that, ‘Having a baby won’t change my life.’

I didn’t exactly embrace coffee mornings but rather stumbled into them, bleary eyed and clueless.  Am I glad I did.

Here are some of the people I met as a result:

  • An archetypal earth mother whose very presence made me calm.
  • A 43 year old partner in a City law firm and mother of twins who was so thrown by parenthood that she made me feel slightly competent.
  • A 21 year old single mother from a high-rise council flat in Reading who must have been a stand-up comedienne in a parallel universe.  She made me laugh like a drain.
  • A woman who’d briefly been famous as a singer in the early 90s and had some serious stories to tell.
  • A handsome dad who we all secretly fancied.
  • A former professional nanny (to royalty, no less) who had the solution to every baby problem we threw at her.

As we sat in each other’s houses, wearing stretchy clothing (apart from the dad), looking like shit (ditto) and bouncing our bundles of joy on our fat (ditto) knees, all our differences melted away.  We were in this thing together.

I’m not saying it got me through.  But I am saying it helped massively.

If you’re new to this parenting game, give coffee mornings a go.  They could be just what you need.


One thought on “Coffee mornings? More fun than you think

  1. Very true – it’s worth the effort. I’ve never been to a parent and baby coffee morning, but I’ve braved expat gatherings and they can be very supportive when you’re all in a slightly strange situation together. And it’s amazing the people you can meet.

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