How to annoy people this Christmas

Family newsletters are about to make their annual appearance.

Middle class parents up and down the country are typing away this very minute, driven by the need to let everyone know:

  • How successful they are.
  • How clever and talented their offspring are.
  • How busy the whole family is.
  • How rich they are.
  • Which exotic locations they’ve visited this year.
  • How many ‘great’ friends they have (hence the need for this blanket mailing).

If you’re the recipient of such a newsletter, you could be forgiven for thinking:

  • If I’m a ‘great’ friend, don’t I already know all this?
  • If I’m not a ‘great’ friend, do I care?  (No.)
  • Get over yourself.

If, on the other hand, you’re thinking of producing your own family newsletter this year, why not redirect your efforts into handwriting a few carefully chosen, personal words in Christmas cards instead?

Trust me.  You’ll make a far better impression.


One thought on “How to annoy people this Christmas

  1. Yes, Christmas newsletters are very annoying and really rather redundant these days now that we all have Facebook. As you say, if you’re a friend you already know all the news about clever and talented offspring and exotic locations visited, etc, and if you’re not – you don’t care!

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