10 easy ways to embarrass your teenage son

Life is hard.  So it’s reassuring to know one thing at least remains easy:  embarrassing your teenage son.

The most obvious approach is to display any kind of affection towards him in public.  Even smiling does the trick.

Less obvious but just as easy are the following:

  1. Wave when driving past him at a bus stop.
  2. Use the word disco.
  3. Turn up to watch him in a school rugby match.
  4. Tell a joke.
  5. Chat to his friends about girls.
  6. Express delight at anything.
  7. Make friendly conversation with a young shop assistant.
  8. Suggest he’ll be warmer with another layer.
  9. Sing along to the radio.
  10. Wear a hat.

These tips are tried, tested and guaranteed to work.

If you can find a way of doing them all in one go, I salute you.


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