3 ways to stave off drought

It seems a drought is on the cards.

What can we do to prevent it?  The media is full of handy tips – flush the loo only when essential, don’t shave your legs in the shower and drink wine instead of water.

(OK, I admit I made the wine one up.)

I’d like to contribute three more suggestions:

  1. Invest in a new barbecue and set of outdoor furniture.
  2. Book a summer holiday in the UK, preferably camping.
  3. Decommission your tumble-dryer and peg washing out on the line instead.

All will cause, at the least, persistent drizzle.  For truly dramatic results, go for number 3.

Hanging out washing is guaranteed – and I have years of personal experience to back this up – to bring on a deluge that will give way to sun only once your sodden clothes are back inside the house, sloshing around hopelessly in the dryer or dripping from radiators onto your nice carpets.

So come on, everyone.  We don’t want a repeat of 1976.  Remember?  Those long, lazy, hazy, crazy days of real summer?  Er, I mean that dreadful drought that was, you know, really bad and everything?

Indeed not.  Time to get serious and do one’s bit.


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