Who is Henley Mum?

I live in Henley on Thames with my husband and two children (46, 15 and 13).

Henley has a certain reputation but, fear not, I’m not one of those women with a blonde bob who sacks cleaners and parks her 4 x 4 diagonally at Waitrose.  Actually, I do have a blonde bob…

I work as a business writer.  I create copy for brochures, websites, mailings, manuals, handbooks and anything else I’m offered.

I’ve also written two novels.  The first was terrible; I can see that now.  The second created a small spark with a couple of literary agents but is yet to be snapped up.  Hey ho.  JK Rowling didn’t let a bit of rejection get to her.  So I’ve started my third novel.

This blog was originally going to be a parenting book.  Then I remembered something.  The only people who can get a book published are those who’ve, er, already had a book published.  And celebrities.

Sadly, I fall into neither category.

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