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The technological genius of children

Do the words digital switchover make your heart sink?

Here’s a conversation I had with my husband the other day:

Me:  This digital switchover thing.  Isn’t it happening soon?

Him:  Is it?

Me:  I think so.  It’s already happened in some places.

Him:  Has it?

Me:  Will you know what to do on the day?  With the TV?

Him:  Of course.

Me:  Will we still need our aerial?

Him:  Yes.  No.  Maybe.

Me:  Have you kept those instructions they sent through the post?

Him:  No.  Won’t need them.

Me:  Have we got Freeview?

Him:  Possibly.  Look, why do you always get so stressed out?  Leave it to me.  It’ll be a piece of cake.

Here’s what will happen when the big day arrives:

My husband will spend three hours:

  • Pressing buttons randomly on the TV.
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting wires.
  • Throwing the remote control across the room.
  • Swearing loudly.
  • Getting absolutely nowhere.

Meanwhile, I will remind him several times that I knew this would happen.

Our 13 year old son will then stroll into the room and say, ‘Do you want me to do that for you?’  In less than two minutes flat, he’ll have it sorted.

Thank God for children and their innate grasp of technology.  Where the heck would we be without them?


The joys of parenthood – keep them to yourself

There are three types of adult:

  1. Those who have children.
  2. Those who don’t have children and don’t want them (either yet or ever).
  3. Those who don’t have children and do want them but can’t have them.

And none of the above – repeat, NONE of the above – wants to hear how besotted you are with your children.

This is because:

  • Type 1 already knows.  Believe it or not, they feel the same about their own children.
  • Type 2 couldn’t be less interested.
  • Type 3 finds it upsetting.

Resist the urge to educate the world on the joys of parenthood.  Honestly, no one wants to hear it.

Here’s a quote from Gwyneth Paltrow:

‘I think what surprised me the most about motherhood, as sentimental as it sounds, is how much I love my kids. I mean, I just can’t believe it. It’s like a whole new dimension in emotion that I’ve never experienced.  It’s crazy.’

I rest my case.